Ok ok, before you poo-poo any kind of “self talk” as hippy dippy, let’s think about this. Some of the most successful people will tell you, it ALL starts from within.

I remember seeing a video of this athlete about to do a lift, in the Olympics. He talked about his mindstate.. he said, that if even for a second, he let a thought creep in that he was not going to be able to complete the lift, that shit was already over. He had left the door open for doubt, and in his situation, facing the lift of his life, there was NO ROOM for that. 100% faith in himself was the only way to accomplish what would set a world record. And he did.

Let’s think about it from another angle. I have friends that are single parents, that are fighting cancer, that are undergoing surgery after surgery to try to improve their quality of life.. and from EVERY single one of them, I have heard a story~ where they came to a point when things got extremely hard, and the question comes.. Do I give up? or Do I FIGHT. When they chose to FIGHT, it came with some of the most powerful and positive self talk they had ever heard in their lives. Very clear, direct, YOU CAN DO THIS thoughts that changed the tide from there on out. Very inspiring things I have heard. I treasure those conversations

A little self doubt is natural. This means you’re really looking at it from all angles. If there is no doubt then perhaps the challenge has not yet presented itself. Life is not success only, but the power of putting your mind to what ever you wan to do is a skill you must practice, day in and day out. Positive thoughts, positive mantras, finding a phrase that hits you in the heart, like “YES. THIS is what I feel about what I am GOING to do.” Adopt it, write it and keep it in your wallet or where it’s easily seen.. There’s a reason gyms have artistically spray painted words of motivation on their walls!!! Positive reinforcement to guide those thoughts, focused to “I CAN”.

Not familiar with this “self talk” thing? Here’s a question~ What’s the first thing you said to yourself today? Was it positive? Optimistic? Was it swamped with work stress? Was it self-deteriorating? How you start your day is hugely important.. Think about it. Whose side are you on, anyway? Negative, abusive talk is the quick road to stress, inactivity, perpetual depression, toxic impact on others, and even your kids. It’s miserable feeling so devastated, and I don’t want that for anybody.

How to get out if you are? Quietly, and gently, guide these thoughts towards the positive. Some negative thoughts are natural.. but we must let them pass through us, acknowledge them, but slide them away with something better, and often more true. The gentle part is important~ you don’t need to take a hard right away from the negative thought, banishing it as soon as you notice it with manic aggression, that can cause a stress of it’s own, “I shouldn’t be thinking this!!! I’m bad for thinking this!” Instead, if there’s nothing to be learned or gained, just let that shit pass. Practice letting it go. I know I am Breathing techniques, and getting that mantra will help.

Thoughts> Emotions> Behaviors> Outcomes     Practice

Taking care of emotional wellness is JUST as important!!! Try it this week! Let me know how you feel!