We’re a week in! Fitness goals and resolutions should be swinging and well in gear! You’re over the first-time-taking-it-on jitters and are ready for Monday tomorrow. Here’s a question, How are you feeling? Have you added too much cardio/exercise too soon without diet in place? This is a big deal to me a as a personal trainer~ I see a lot of folks going it on their own, and they don’t want to wait. They want that 20 lbs of fat off NOW or that inch on their biceps NOW. There’s nothing wrong with being focused, I love seeing people who decide they don’t need “baby steps” into a program or lifestyle.

BUT~ Let me ask this… have you jumped from 3 times a week into 3x-a-day without addressing your diet in the least, focusing all on output and not enough on input? Or have you just started training altogether, & been putting in an hour of weights and an hour of cardio back to back every night for the last 10 nights without thinking about protein intake? Are you new to dieting, but think “less is more” and joined the “500 calorie a day pixie stick cleanse” with the work clique? Are you omitting entire food groups? Have you been sleeping enough, eating fresh enough, eating enough period?

Maybe you started before the New Year, and have been going hard for a couple months. Really, ask yourself, How do You Feel? Biofeedback- what our bodies are telling us- is not to be underestimated. Do you feel completely sluggish, depressed, exhausted, are you in a mental fog most of the day, forgetting things, feeling generally weak? Are you finding yourself quick to temper& easily irritated, despite not having this as a part of your personality? Are you drinking or medicating to cope? Are you having physical symptoms like headaches, anxiety attacks, loss of appetite, compulsive eating, nausea, tightness in your chest, or blood pressure issues?

All of these things are a sign. Red flags are there when we listen, and I urge you to listen before things come to a head. Burning out & Exhaustion is a reality. But all of these things can be managed! You might not be able to quit your stressful job right away, but if the quality of your life is at a suffering state, some serious brainstorming can be the next thing you schedule. Huge amounts of training without moderated diet can be detrimental. Doing cardio to the point that you see no results, &dieting to the extreme can all have horrific impacts on your sense of self and well-being, and you must heal.

I’m telling you guys. I love to see folks go hard, and I love to go hard myself! I know what I’m saying, when if something isn’t right, you KNOW. So I urge you to listen to your body, seek expert advice, talk to people with experience, and get the most out of whatever you want to do with the best, most fun and engaging experience possible!! This is NOT punishment! This could be the very best thing you ever do. So take time for the check ups I’m here if you’d like to talk