I’ve already posted the various photos that I took at the 2015 DFAC Cardinal Classic where Angela Yeo earned her Ms. Athletic pro card, but there’s just something about professional photos. I mean, I can capture some moments with luck, but those pro photos always look so good. We just got our photo disc from Ken Snow who was the photographer at the event. I tell you what, if you get the chance to meet him at an event, he’s a pretty outstanding guy. I enjoyed chatting with him, and as you can see here, his work is top notch. I recommend you check out his website at kensnowphotographer.com and see what he does. He’s in the Columbus area, so if you are looking for a photographer for any reason, he’s your guy. If you are lucky enough to have him snap the pics at your event, buy the disc! Totally worth it! Here’s a peak at some of the highlights from Ankhjii’s set. We have plenty more photos that he included and you can find on our Flickr (his photos are tagged in the description so you can tell them apart).