It’s time to start looknig forward to the 2014 season as the first competitions in the INBA/PNBA are about to launch. Ankhjii has planned out her season for the most part, the specifics will be announced soon enough. While Ankhjii might have earned her pro status, at this time we have not secured any sponsors or funding sources. Competing is expensive to be sure, we will be paying the costs out of our own pocket and hoping for another successful fundraising year.

Just like we did for the Olympia in 2013, we will stick with GoFundMe. There is a bit of tradeoff using a funding site. We lose some of the donations in fees; however, we gain in convenience. People who we wouldn’t see face-to-face very often are able to donate. Weighing the options, it seems worth it to run this campaign. I’ve set up a new page that can be found here, we also have added a donation widget over on the right of this site that looks like this:


We appreciate each and every donation, no matter the amount. This all helps us to make it to each show. Thank you!