Just a snack before heading in to do my last full body train here at home.. most things are packed, wondering what I’ll forget.. I’m tense, but happy. After training it’s a little work on my figure suit, making the neck custom-fit so it needs no bow… nerve wracking to literally cut the suit but I’m quite confidant I will not ruin it.  Brain is running at a pretty high rpm, but I’m calm knowing what the plan for the night is.. Just gotta train, practice here and there, suit work and pack it, exfoliate, figure out what to wear for the flight, pack last minute toiletries, maybe call my Mom and Dad again & tell her how much I love them Just gotta keep my head &heart focused. The stress is good for me, &I trust there will be help out there if I need it. Just praying I don’t get lost… !

I love you Jamie