The weather might have you convinced otherwise, but today is the first day of Spring. Right around noon it will sneak on in. We’re not going to be able to hide in our sweatpants and hoodies much longer! The weather will start getting warmer, the clothes start getting smaller. Are you ready for Spring? Are you ready for Summer? You can start getting ready right now! Ankhjii is a personal trainer at Total Nutrition in Toledo, she wants to help you meet your goals. Whether you want to look better in your swimsuit, get ready for a competition, start to feel a little healthier, or whatever your goal is.

Ankhjii’s schedule is starting to get booked and now is a great time to come in. You can buy one session if you want, but I recommend a package deal – it saves you money and it gets you committed to the process. Trust me, once people hire Ankhjii they keep coming back. If you’ve tried a trainer before and it didn’t work out, why not give it another go? This is different, I guarantee. She will be as determined as you are to see you through to success.

Contact us any way that is convenient for you! You can call Total Nutrition at (419) 380-9394 or you can get a hold of Ankhjii directly. You can even leave a comment on this post or use the handy contact form on the front page of this website and Ankhjii will get a hold of you!