I think we all understand the importance of food prep. It’s one of those things that can help you reach your goals and help you avoid temptation. One thing Ankhjii does on the regular is to cook up a big batch of kale to keep in the fridge ready to add to any recipe, especially breakfast. When you are cooking the same foods all the time, do you branch out and experiment with your seasonings? It’s definitely something to consider. Fresh, whole seasonings are great and they are definitely the most potent. We like to grind fresh cumin in our pestal and mortar. But there are a lot of great pre-made seasoning mixes out there too! Our local Fresh Market has some really killer blends. Try them, try them on foods you wouldn’t necessarily link together! For instance, Ankhj has discovered that pumpkin pie spice actually goes really well in kale! It might sound strange, but give it a try. It’s fragrant and delicious!

What do you think? Do you try unique spice or sauce combinations? I’d love to hear your ideas!