Inspire FitnessCan you believe the Holiday season is upon us already? We all know how this is going to play out right? We wonder what happened to our New Years resolutions from 2015, we realize we didn’t reach our goals, start to think about what we want to change, and then cruise through the Holidays until New Years smacks us upside the head and suddenly we are well into 2016!

Why wait until that all goes down? There’s no reason to repeat the same pattern this year. Angela Yeo is back to work at Inspire Fitness after finishing up her competition season by winning two world championships. She is motivated and inspired and ready to pass that energy on to you. There is no reason to wait, she can get you in right now and get you started down a road filled with personal satisfaction. You will feel good knowing that you are working on making yourself the best you possible. I can guarantee that the Holidays will feel much more rewarding when you know you are already taking the first steps toward reaching your goals.

You’ll catch her at Inspire Fitness most weekdays in the afternoon or early evening, but you can stop by the facility at any time to check the place out and ask any questions you might have. You can hire her right away, or set up a meeting. Check out the Toledo Personal Training website for more details, or head on over to Inspire Fitness right now! It’s located on the corner of the Anthony Wayne Trail and South Detroit – you can find full details, contact info, and a map on Angela’s Toledo Personal Training site. Let’s get you scheduled now, I imagine her time slots will fill up quickly now that people know she is back to work and especially as the New Years crowd starts to roll in, don’t wait!