OK!!! Now, before everybody goes all gang-busters this holiday, here’s a short list of things to keep in mind to help your healthy goals on the forefront~

  1. Stay hydrated! Water, hot tea, ad lemon, club soda on ice with citrus and mint, there are plenty of tasty ways to keep your water levels up. This will keep you digesting properly, flushing extra salts, and pacing your drinks!
  2. Don’t skip the vej just because it’s the holiday. Roast them for dinner, and especially hit up the raw vej tray for your hors d’oeuvres! This is the perfect choice to get you through till the feast
  3. Stretch! Relaxing with the family is the best part of the holiday, and even though it would be nice we can’t all throw on walking shoes after dinner and bolt. BUT! A little light stretching through the day will keep the blood flowing and make you feel better in general. (if you think you’ll get weird looks at least stretch on your bathroom breaks). Also stay active by helping your folks bring in presents from the car that may be parked down the street, walk to the corner store for the forgotten milk, offer to grab the cheese plate from the basement (more steps  Whatever you can think of to add in just a little more movement 

So hey, just a couple simple suggestions! Feel free to add to this holiday survival thread in the comments with your own ideas  And for Christ’sake stay safe on those roads people! !!!!

3 more tips from Kimberly Doehnert IFBB Figure Pro~~~

  1. Sleep ready to roll. Instead of those fuzzy pajamas, sleep in your workout clothes (minus the tennis shoes of course lol). Then when you wake up, it saves you time and excuses for not getting it in.
  2. Pots & squats. Turn your holiday cooking into a workout. Instead of watching pots boil and nibbling on everything while you cook, knock out some counter dips, wall push-ups, and milk jug curls. Before you peel that bag of potatoes, do some deep plie squats with them. Ditch the blender or hand mixer and opt for the whisk, burns about 150 calories per hour (that’s a lot of cake mixing!) Create a routine that keeps you moving vs. tasting.
  3. Sneak your way fit. You don’t have to announce you are leaving to go workout. Many times our family and friends can make us feel guilty for taking time during the holidays to stay true to our goals. Keep your business to your self and slip away before anyone knows you’re gone. Tell them you have some “errands to run”, but actually go for a run!

Bottom line, have a blast with family and friends, let your body enjoy a bit of recovery, and head into the new year a fitter you!