Well Someone here needs to be called out. Yours truly has had an awful month for training and should fess up.
There are no excuses… at least none that I’d buy as enough. All together the month has been a set back… I can absolutely feel differences in my moods and levels of happiness In my life when I’ve been in or out of the gym. Quite a few things came up that month, but it was also supposed to be one of the harder working ones. Not having AC is huge for me, also a foot injury, dozens of obligations and now a new tattoo… but If I’m ever going to accomplish more, none of those things can matter above training how I want to. So It’s disappointing. Especially knowing that results, or lack thereof, are linked indisputably to your level of commitment.
That said, It is a new month, and I’m thinking about how I’ll redesign my workouts. I’m excited to get things going! There will always be short breaks in life, and you do have to allow yourself little vacations. I’m making the best choices about how I spend mine!