I’m feeling it’s that time again, to revisit goals and stoke the fires of my motivation! It always makes me feel good to see where I want to go and what I want to do with myself. It’s all up to me and it’s all possible!
I like focusing on my nutrition and making tweaks with it. This goal has to do with upping my nutritional intake: I need to add more complex carbs and protein. Since I’m not making the gains I think I should be, I believe this particular change will benefit me.
Another facet is supplements. In this goal is to take them properly and on time. Sometimes I waffle with that, as there is a schedule and it can get tedious at times! But this one is easy, so moving on!
The next goal is all about my training. This is big~ To train every day EVEN IF IT’S NOT PERFECT. I will very easily get hung up on thoughts like, “that set wasn’t good enough” “I’m not focused enough” “I’m not improving”. I often think, If I’m not 110% present and giving it my all, I feel like it’s not moving me forward. Because, does anything less really get you there? Whatever the answer to that is, this goal is to accept my efforts, and strive to improve my focus. Every workout I need to practice my mind-muscle connection, which is my gateway to that all important focus for one, and two, to the results I so badly would like to see: bringing up my hamstrings, calves and glutes, and an overall gain of muscle and super sexy definition!
It’s all about commitment. Every day looking at these positive words and putting them into action. After outlining all that, I’m feeling quite pumped!! Excited about the power I have to do this for myself. It is so very vital to me to do this work. It drives me.. and I love it.