We’ve made it to the end of the NPC Women’s Physique post series I’m making from the Kentucky Muscle. We looked at both lineups from Class A for WPD, then checked out the first call-outs, I showed you Ankhjii’s posing routine, then we saw that Ankhjii won Class A, which took us to the overall comparisons. It was now after midnight at the show, and I can’t imagine how everyone was feeling. But the people who were left remained in positive spirits. The girls gave it their all, the judges remained attentive, everyone involved with the event stayed energetic and helpful. When it was all done, Ankhjii had come away with the overall win at her very first NPC show. That’s a helluva ride! You can see the final results on the NPC News website here. WPD is all the way at the bottom, but Ankhjii is also in the headline photo!