We’re reaching the end of the show. At this point of the NPC Kentucky Muscle for women’s physique, we had the overall comparisons and a posedown. This is where the class winners compete against each other for the overall WPD champion. I didn’t catch many good pictures of the actual posedown – partly because I didn’t know it was going to happen and I wasn’t ready! But I have a picture from that as well as several of the actual posing comparisons. Again, really good stuff to see! The posing was the standard poses required for the competitors – but the posedown is basically a little freeform competition time. They throw some music on and the girls do whatever they like. Ankhjii’s competition immediately tried to take over the stage, but Ankhj responded by ensuring she wasn’t blocked and continued to manage to stay front, center, in view, and on point. It was definitely fun to watch!