After individual routines were completed at the NPC Kentucky Muscle for Women’s Physique, we get to the class awards. I tell you what, these are long days and there’s a lot of waiting, so  lot of time for me to just be chill. But the time when Ankhjii is on stage, especially at award time… well, I get pretty spun out! I did a lot of yelling this day and a little bit of freaking out. I was pretty sure she was one of the top two, but there’s no way to know what the judges are after! Well, we can see what the judges were looking for right here looking at the scorecard! Women’s physique is way at the end, very last page – also, Angela Yeo is spelled Angela Ciyeo here. We got that fixed after the show, but the scorecard had already gone out by then. Yup, Ankhjii won Class A. Her very first NPC show and she took the class. With this level of competition, how cool is that? You can also see the results on the NPC website, again, WPD all the way at the bottom.