Following up on my two posts yesterday (here and here) which had the women’s physique Class A lineups from the NPC Kentucky Muscle, here is a gallery with the first call-out lineup. I only have the first call-out lineup as that is where Ankhjii landed and whenever she is done on stage, I run around backstage so I can meet her when she gets off stage. The girls were brought out and Ankhjii and the girl wearing #260 were pretty much immediately moved to the center where they stayed. I probably don’t have to tell you how much I was freaking out by that point! Quite an amazing lineup here, don’t you agree? This was a very impressive round of judging, especially when you consider how long the day ran. By the time these girls hit the stage, I believe it was after 4pm. We got to the venue around 7am. Just consider all the planning with food and timing and everything that went into getting on stage – just on this day alone.