I’ve tried to cook tofu a variety of ways, and never quite got it right. I cubed it, fried it, etc. Never quite got it right. Now I got the frying thing down, but that isn’t ideal, is it? We are looking for a healthy and tasty way to do this, well, here’s how!


  • All you need is a pack of tofu – you want the extra firm, water packed kind.
  • Marinade if you want it (consider a simple blend of citrus, low sodium, natural soy sauce, and ginger).

This prep takes about an hour or so (depends if you want to marinate it), cooking takes under 15 minutes from start to finish! We’ll cover just how we make the tofu now, later on we can add it to various recipes.


Open the pack of tofu, you want to cut it into rectangles, I cut parallel to the short side of the block. Go about a half inch thick – I tend to get 9 slices from a block of tofu.

Put a baking pan flat side up on the counter, lay a towel on it, then put a couple layers of paper towel on top of that.

Lay your tofu slices on the paper towel. Cover it up with a couple more layers of paper towel. Place another baking sheet flat side down on top of the stack. Toss some heavy stuff on the pile for pressure – cook books, canned food, or a heavy pot.

Just let that all sit for an hour to get all that water out of the tofu (go longer if you have time – you could let it sit all day if it’s back in the fridge).

After the hour, toss your tofu into your marinade, if using one, for a half hour – be creative, tofu takes just about any flavour. Even a simple stock or broth works great. I don’t bother marinating if I’m going to put my tofu into soup or something like that.

Cooking Instructions

Get your broiler turned up nice and hot – this will get us the proper texture, crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. You could also try out a griddle pan, a Foreman grill, or an actual grill.

Use cooking spray or a thin coating of coconut oil on your baking pan (I always put foil on the pan first, less dishes to wash)

Spread those tofu slices out – you can season them if you didn’t marinade.

Once your broiler is good and hot, chuck that baking sheet in there. It takes me 7 minutes on each side. You want the edges to get golden brown. When one side is done, flip ’em over and let the other side get the same. You can tell you got it right when the outside feels crisp, but you can push down and feel that the middle is nice and soft. Tofu isn’t meat, you don’t have to worry about temperature – we want that perfect texture!

That’s it, you’re done! That wasn’t so hard, right? Tofu can taste really good with the right marinades or in the right dish. The important thing is to get the texture right, that’s the whole point!