Here’s a cool event going on in Toledo! Saturday, December 1st is the Lifts for Gifts event at Main Street Barbell benefiting Toys for Tots. Come as a spectator – or better yet, come to lift!

For lifters, the event features two weight classes with two lifts in two ways for men and women! Let’s spell that out:


  • Lightweight Male – under 220
  • Heavyweight Male – 220+
  • Lightweight Female – under 165
  • Heavyweight Female – 165+


  • Bench Press for reps
  • Bench Press last man standing
  • Deadlift for reps
  • Deadlift last man standing

Athletes, the cost is $20 per event, but if you enter three events, you get the fourth for free – that sounds like the way to go to me!

Entry fee to get in the door – for athletes and spectators, is $5. Here’s the catch: that fee is waived if you bring a toy!! So bring a toy darnit!

Of great importance to me, there will be food! RedEyePie will have their food truck on scene for you, that’s pretty killer!

That’s a highlight of the details, head on over to Main Street Barbells website post about the event for all the details and a signup form! See you there!