Frree stuff is always cool! So is thanking people who provide a good service! Nine times out of ten, Ankhjii buys her supplements from The prices are generally quite good, but the shipping is always spot on. We try to make a habit of hitting up the supplement companies that Ankhjii uses to let them know that their products are helping her to win. It’s nice for them to know that, but we also want to try to keep them in the loop with regards to natural athletes. Every time we write a letter we try to focus on her being a lifetime natural athlete in the INBA/PNBA – an organization that stresses and celebrates the natural lifestyle.

Well, this time around, must have likes what they saw. We got an email back asking for Ankhjii’s address and shirt size. We thought she might get a free shirt, which is always super cool. But two days later there was a giant box on the porch, way to big and heavy to be a shirt. I just figured Ankhj must have ordered another shipment of supplements, but she said she hadn’t. The box was a gift from and it was packed full of goodies! Shirts, supplements, and other things. Very cool and very much appreciated!