7days 12hours.. Stay quiet about some of the process. Not everything you do is meant for the world, or for anyone else. But if posting this helps get a few more asses in the seats 3.31.18, if it helps support #ToledoPowerlifting , then I’m happy to help.
▪️I signed up on the 9th, one of the final lifers, but if you are interested/there’s space left, contact promoter, strength athlete,#HeadMotherfuckerInCharge @chicocloyne
▪️29 days after competing at the Arnold, I’ll be stepping on the platform in my hometown. I have nothing to lose. I’m just so happy to be a part of this! Always chasing the fuel.. the fire..
▪️There’s going to be some BIG lifts at this meet. Come see the #MonstersOfTheMidwest on the#EastSide !!

Main Street Barbell

506 Main Street, Toledo, Ohio 43605