Here’s a quick video Ankhjii posted on Instagram the other day when she was inspired by throwing together a couple of quick meals to bring with her as we ran out the door. As long as you stock the right food and spend some time here and there cooking in bulk, prep doesn’t have to be hard! Here’s an entire meal thrown together in one Instagram post!

Don't make #mealprep harder than it needs to be!! My biggest advice is to cook plenty of #protein and #carbohydrates in advance- that way you can throw it on top of these pre-made salads in seconds and be ready to go. ▪️Seriously. I threw this together right before I went over to my folks house. I put in 8 oz of chicken, 4oz bell pepper, and made it into 2 meals in one container. You can see the discount sticker: 1.79$ for a big baby kale salad. Cheap, and #OnPoint !! ▪️Packing simple light meals is essential for me, but can help anyone fight the holiday lbs by keeping your protein up, hunger down, nutrition high, blood sugar stable, cravings in check, and still not ruining your appetite for the holiday meal. ▪️PLEASE! Do not eat heavy on the holidays just to starve yourself the rest of the time. Just eat small, clean, and light!! 🥗 #Macros #Holiday #HolidayTravel #HolidayTravelDiet #HolidayDieting #CleanEats #ProYeo #Bodybuilding #Physique #ArnoldPrep #Food #Kale #SimpleSalads #SimpleMacros #Prep ▪️ #DietAdvice

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