Tomorrow is the day, the 9th Annual Toledo Glass Scepter (details here). This is an amazing local show that provides natural athletes with the ability to take the stage for the first time and learn the ropes. Just last year Ankhjii took the stage as a novice at this event, it was an amazing experience that led her on to the INBA/PNBA and gaining her professional athlete status! The show is at 11am (prejudging) and 5pm (main show) at the Maumee Indoor Theatre on the corner of the Trail and Conant. The important thing here is to come out and support natural bodybuilding, that’s what this event is all about. But you also have the chance to meet someone who started here. You could take a moment to learn how you can get on the stage next year at the 10th Glass Scepter, learn where to go from here, find out what it’s all about to be a competitor, maybe even ask for some quick tips. She’s also a personal trainer, maybe you want to ask her about that! At the very least, ask her for a card so you can track her down in the future!

Having a world class pro athlete in your hometown is awesome! Being able to check out the event that started it for her is even cooler! Take a moment, spend a few bucks, support natural athletes in your hometown, and meet a pro who exemplifies the natural bodybuilding spirit! Your support could launch Toledo’s next superstar!