It’s October!! Schedule changes are in the mix! I want to open up my schedule to anyone interested in Personal Training with me at Total Nutrition!!! I don’t often post openings, so I’ll be screening clients asap~ So if you or someone you know needs this boost of health and fitness, now is the time!
Even if you are starting from scratch, haven’t been in the gym in a while, or just need a boost to get back on track, I can help!! The truth is, fall is here, and we know that brings in some of the best holidays for the season~ I also hear countless miserable recollections of “I do great all summer but I gain everything back by December”. Well we need to put a plan and a SCHEDULE in place now! Don’t repeat the same loss and gain year after year on the depressing hamster wheel. So think about it! And then come see me
PM or call the shop at (419) 380-9394. Located at 5455 Airport Hwy, Toledo, OH 43615!!!!!!!!