Figuring out your macro levels can be a bit daunting. Ankhjii has been using macros for a couple years, but in that time, she has mostly been getting ready for, or reversing out of competition mode. Now she has decided to take a break from competition to get some real muscle growth. Conveniently she is also back in school studying sports nutrition in order to help herself and to help her clients. As the ultimate experiment, she has the opportunity to take what she is learning and immediately try it on herself. There is no one answer for everybody, different people respond differently. But by learning and experimenting, Ankhjii will be able, more than ever, to really help her clients achieve maximum results!

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From her post earlier about all this:

Well guys here it goes! After a lot of thought I’ve decided to give the high carb, lower protein, moderate ? fat #MacroExperiment a try. It took a lot of thought, and frankly I’m not quite comfortable doing it. BUT, I’m deep into #GrowSeason and I need to see more progress. This picture shows exactly what I’m eating today. WOW. To think this all came from a macro generator online is pretty hilarious. But once I started really contemplating the numbers, seeing how well it jives with my nutritional studies right now (along with a vote of confidence from a few people close to me), it actually feels like a good idea, and structurally sound. Numbers-wise the total calories are not far off from what I’m doing right now too. In a perfect world, I would have slowly worked my macros across; lowering my protein & raising my carbs… but I’m doing it all in one day. #Yolo “To get what you never had you’ve got to do what you’ve never done” and this is definitely it! I’m hoping to feel great, blow up this body with some precious muscle, change my lean-ness, and really learn a lot about myself through this study. AND TRAIN MY FACE OFF :D This is not a free-for-all- it will take #discipline, because having such low protein means removing my beloved shakes ftm, ¬ placing very much of it in the diet intentionally, as it does occur naturally in a lot of my foods. Getting it down to 100 was actually quite difficult, esp mentally, and then balancing out the fats to keep them low was a challenge. Eating out will be interesting. I want to make this work. If any of you ladies are going through a similar project I would love to hear from you! Any advice is welcome! I’ll be documenting the 1mo project. WML!!!