After a long wait in the processing line, my entry fee to the Natural Universe has FINALLY BEEN ENTERED! This means it’s actually official that I’m in the competition!!! WHEW!!!! I’m totally nervous and electrified & couldn’t wait to post!

       It’s time for a delayed pre-breakfast cardio, a great way to utilize this energy and get focused. Cutting is no fun but this is a bomb-boost of inspo. Bis tris chest later in the day, and a couple solid hours of practice in my future.

       Cutting food and cutting out any errands/chores that could equal distraction.

       Only looking forward now, my physique is what it is.. it’s a sobering reality that aside from minor changes and water weight, THIS is the body I’ll be taking to the stage. The hard work is over, yet just beginning. Action from here on out. I hope I can keep my muscle fullness and just show them all my hard work!! This is it. I am proud. And I will practice till my feet fall off! Lol! Every moment is an opportunity and I’m diving into today.