You can imagine that Angela Yeo’s workouts are pretty intense, and she often has a pre workout in her shaker bottle. But I’m going to let you in on a little secret as long as you promise not to tell her. I often dip into her pre workout stash myself. You see, I’m a cyclist. Sometimes shorter distance, sometimes longer. I ride anywhere between 20 and 200 miles per ride, and I average 5 rides per week. I need a very specific kind of energy source. It needs to work, it can’t make me jittery, it can’t break my concentration, and extra bonus points if it can help me mentally with focus and clarity. If I’m riding 20 miles I need the ability to push hard for an hour, I need solid endurance. If I’m riding 200 miles I need a whole different mental boost. I need the will to push through 12 hours of cardio without losing concentration or quitting.

The P4P Alter Ego fits the bill. It’s a pretty sweet pre workout if it can take Angela through her marathon, intense, heavy lifting sessions and it can also handle my cycling sessions. It works for both of us, for entirely different sports. What so you think about that? Think you want to give it a go? I highly recommend it. You can grab yourself a sweet deal straight from P4P by clicking here and don’t forget to use the code Angela15 at checkout to get your 15% off discount! It comes in several flavours for you to try, right now we have been keeping the Blue Raspberry in our house.

Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you think! We’d love to know how you use it, how it works for you, and your opinion of the taste!