It’s very rare I have openings, and I want to offer those spaces to family and friends, or friends of friends that need to work with me. In a world where everyone wants to sell you an app or a fancy mirror, it’s amazing what one person and one trainer with no distractions can do.

Forget the technology, come in and work one-on-one with a real human being. I don’t want you to just be a smaller version of yourself, but do real re-composition work that gives you a shape, strength, capabilities, as well as building true confidence.

Not making you weak on low calories, and we will be working on your mental game every step of the way. I have experience in all areas including but not limited to: fitness, bodybuilding, strength, re-composition, fat loss, quality weight gain, nutrition, rehabilitation, and improving relationships with both food and the gym.

Beginners welcome!

CFT, SNS, WC with 14 years of experience. Contact me with any questions! Check my reviews!

IG: ankhjii_pro_yeo