July 23rd was Ankhjii’s 30th birthday! What to do for a girl on her 30th during competition season? We hit Cedar Point! Roller coasters seemed like the ideal thing. But not just what to do, but what to get her for her birthday? Well, a while back, Flag nor Fail offered up customized Cardillo weight belts. I knew Ankhjii’s waist size, but I didn’t know exactly how these would fit. They were definitely not cheap and it was quite a gamble. I ordered one and it came in a couple weeks before her birthday. After that, I was all nerves. I knew it would either be an amazing gift that would help her train for a lifetime, or it would be an expensive decoration to hang on the wall. As you can see in the pics, I nailed it. Perfect size, perfect looks, amazing quality! It’s even got her name on it!