The website has been acting up a little so updates were sparse there for a minute. Back on April 26th we attended the DLB Warhouse Gym Camp in Leesport, PA (near Reading). What an awesome event!! It was a longer drive, about 8 hours of driving plus rest stops, etc. We would do it again in a heartbeat! In fact, I’m certain we will next year!

Our day started off being greeted by this:

That’s right, our whole hotel flooded and had to be evacuated. That definitely threw a monkey wrench into things, but we pressed on. It was a long day, we were in the Warhouse a good 12 hours. There was so much cool stuff going on. We hit the Flag nor Fail shop inside the Gym several times, the products were insanely inexpensive in the shop and we loaded up. We had plenty of discussion about bios and backgrouds from Rob and Dana Linn Bailey, as well as the special guest, Brandon Curry. There was nutrition tips, Q&A, workout tips, splits, competition advice, the list goes on and on.

We had a nice lunch of grilled chicken and salad and we moved on to door prizes. Ankhjii got a sweet Fusion Bodybuilding gift box, but just about everyone walked away with a prize! There weren’t just those door prizes!! From the time we walked in the door we were handed items. We walked away with high quality 1st Phorm backpacks, other bags, 1st Phorm protein (full sized), and tonnes of shirts, hats, shakers, supplements, etc. The value of the freebies alone was well above the price of admission!

After lunch, we moved on to the doing. We had groups with Dana, Rob, and Brandon. Rob covered the business side of Flag nor Fail, Dana and Brandon covered workout strategies. This went on for some time and we moved on to open gym time and posing practice. Dana and Brandon swapped out between posing and walking so that they could be spoken to, one on one. As the day wrapped up, everyone hung around well after close to get in their goodbyes, photo ops, autographs, etc. It was an all around amazing opportunity!

You can check out all of the photos we have in our Flickr gallery, here is a highlight of some of the pics.