My new trainers came in the mail today, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! Time waits for no one and the count down is well in play. Summer is coming and that’s a fitness goal in itself! We plan to kick off pre-summer With the Detroit Electronic Music Festival Movement, and I couldn’t be more excited. The thing is, my workouts have been lacking lately. My fractured focus has been frustrating me to the max. No one likes to leave the gym feeling scatterbrained, and dare I say worse than when you went in because you don’t feel like you were as centered as you need to be to make the changes in your body you are trying to. And that is where I’ve found myself. I set everything up for my sessions so it’s not for a lack of planning… It’s very frustrating. Not feeling like I’m there in the moment or if I find myself daydreaming between sets really bothers me. Having a solid mind-muscle connection is vital to my results and pride in my work!!!
I’m hoping that these new kicks will give me a boost of excitement and focus to help me get over this slump. I’ll be happier when I’m working harder and clearer. Training is what I love. I hope this BS is just temporary and ends today! ^__^