Holy Shit, this is really turning out to be a good day!!! I haven’t worked my biceps like that in MONTHS. Since summer!
Pain in my elbow was just too much to handle, even 15lb dbs and pulldowns were painful and hardly effective.
Through powerlifting I took a long break from the usual exercises and style of training. Today was just to get blood, see how it felt, but before I knew it I was testing heavier weights &supersetting! And on only black coffee and plain pita, I got a great pump!
Nothing heavier than 50, but I was able to train without pain! I had the gym to myself, so I was flexing and laughing and smiling, just having a blast HOPING that this means I’m all good!! The pump was so healthy and sick!!! The kind that make you feel like you might burst your skin! WOOT WOOT! & #BabyAbs
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