Last night I went with my client DS to a weight loss support group. I’ve been wanting to go to one for years, to see how they treat their members, if they’re a good resource to point people to. This group was for bariatric patients of certain surgeons and I definitely got an education! As much as I have studied and know about people who undergo weight loss surgical procedures, this was much different. It was an open forum, where people could ask any question and talk about anything, no matter how embarrassing, and it really was very human and candid.
2hrs of my own time, across town, to be there to support my client. He’s been struggling on and off for YEARS, even with the surgery.. And may be facing a second WLS in April if he continues to fail. I just happened to come on a night where they were doing a small gift exchange and I was invited to participate, and this camera ornament made an impact on me it’s the first ornament on my tree now. What I did learn about bariatric surgery is that this is a TON of work. If you think that diet and exercise is too complicated and you just don’t have time, trust me you will make the time because the follow through of surgery is complicated- you will be on a brand new regimen of vitamins, incredibly restricted eating, and a host of possible side effects. You will never be able to eat like other people ever ever again. No choice. Plus- YOU STILL HAVE TO DIET AND EXERCISE ANYWAY. And if you happen to have a pre-existing condition on top of obesity, it’s going to be even more complicated to balance two or more regimens of medicine/care for your health. There’s actually quite a bit you will need to learn on how to take care of yourself and if you do not adhere to those rules you will fail or become very ill. However! These procedures can be successful and should be considered in extreme cases only. It’s a permanent change.
Take care of yourself folks.
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