I know we have met a lot of local athletes in the bodybuilding, physique, figure, and bikini world. I try to keep an eye open for any upcoming events for local athletes. This one fits the bill! The 2015 DFAC Cardinal Classic is trying to include Novice Figure, Novice Men, Teen Men, Open Women Physique, Open and Masters Figure, Open Women Athletic, Masters Men(40 and 50), Open Men, Pro Qualifier, Pro Figure, and Pro Open Men (all pro men from all natural federations, open and masters) but they need to get some registrants to be able to include each of those classes.

For those of you who have competed in the Toledo Glass Scepter or one of the other local Executive Productions shows, this seems like a logical step for you. It looks to be a smaller show, but with a national organization that gives you the opportunity to go pro. Angela has not competed with DFAC (Drug Free Athlete’s Coalition), but while competing with INBA she has met several competitors who have, and we have heard nothing but good things about this organization.

The 2015 Cardinal Classic has a website here and it’s fairly local. It’s just down the road in Austintown, Ohio (map to the venue) – about a 2.5 hour drive on the other side of Cleveland. If you have looked into any pro/national level shows, that’s not a very far hike. They have discounted hotel rates listed on the website, although if money is an issue, that’s not an impossible drive the day of. I checked out the cost, and altogether joining DFAC and entering the competition will cost around $100, again, definitely not a huge expense in this sport.

So if you are a local athlete looking to take that next step, or just looking for more stage experience, give this event a look.