It’s Christmas time now and the new year is hot on its tail! Every year we all make New Year’s resolutions and then we struggle to meet them, only to knock ourselves down when we don’t live up to our expectations. Well this time, the outcome can be different!

Ankhjii announced this past weekend that she will now be offering personal training. She can guide you and motivate you to your fitness goals for the new year, no matter what those goals are! Whether you are just starting out or you need help taking your fitness to the next level. As a professional athlete, she has the knowledge and experience you need! These aren’t just cookie cutter workouts we’re talking about. She will listen to your goals, assess your fitness level, and design workouts specifically for you. She also has the knowledge to help you with your nutrition – food selection, cooking, etc. Whether you are thinking about stepping in to the gym for the first time or you’re already an experienced fitness fanatic thinking about participating in your first competition, Ankhjii can help you on your journey!

She will be training out of Total Nutrition located at 5455 Airport Highway in Toledo, OH (In the same plaza as Lowe’s and Chuck’E’Cheese). You can arrange for a single session if you like, but buying a package deal will definitely save you some money – and most importantly, help you stay committed! You can call Ankhjii directly or contact her through Total Nutrition at (419) 380-9394.