In the whirlwind leading up to The Arnold, I was unable to get this posted in time for you. Check out this amazing video that was posted during the run up to The Arnold. Notes below the video are copied from Alyssa’s video on YouTube.

Anjie is a woman on a mission, to win the Arnold Classic as a Physique Competitor. Anjie has won the DFAC World Champion 2015, PNBA Natural Olympia Champion 2015, and the Kentucky Muscle 2017 overall. Through many years of diet, training, and believing, Anjie shares her journey of how she became this well built monster. Anjie competes Thursday March 1st at 12pm EST in the Battle Grand for prejudging. Once she passes the first round, she will advance to the Arnold Fitness Expo Stage with the best women in the sport on March 2nd at 2:30pm EST.

Alyssa a 2X international Team USA member as a 48kg Weightlifter, and 2016 48kg National Champion takes on the 53kg BW class at the Arnold Classic. She discusses the ups and downs of this training cycle and how it has affected her mentally and physically. She is excited to be competing on the Arnold Fitness Expo Stage March 2nd at 11am.

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