Last week, Ankhjii had a day to just free train. A do what you want kind of day. So what does she do on a day like that? Well, she doesn’t take it easy, that’s for sure, here’s what a free train day looks like:

My ‪#‎Freetraining‬ day on Wednesday, after morning cardio~ That was 19 staircases which =38 flights, 2 sprints and some jogs in between =30 mins
@ Inspire Health Clubs Maumee
Squats-10reps x 6 sets
Chest Triset, no rest- Bench press + incline push up to failure+ push up on knees to failure, 5rounds about 10reps each (=15 sets)
Bent over underhand row- 12×5
Seated Calf Press- (ascending and descending) 12 reps x 8 sets
Leaning into an incline bench front raise with a straight barbell (back), superset with rear delt flye- 12x5sets each (=10sets)
Delt alt. sets on Smith- wide military press + close grip front press- 3sets each (=6sets)
Lower back deadlifts 20×3
Arms bi&tri superset- heavy palms down EzBar curl (8reps) to behind head tri extension (8reps) x5 sets (=10sets)
Hercules cable curl- 10×5
68 sets.. Not bad.

I wanted to stay for more, but my hunger had other ideas.