I am all in favor of New Year’s resolutions! In the last few days though, I have had a lot of people talking about why they should do something, and actually a lot of them seem to be rising out of guilt, or even a peer pressure scenario. Some are from parents to kids, some are from kids to parents, a work clique, social pressures to “fit in”, or just general guilt!

Now I’m all for using any encouragement possible to help people on the right track, but I also believe in my heart this is a journey on a deeply personal level, and what you do to improve your life must resonate with you. Any change is going to take work, we need to use our best energy possible. Doing things for your health out of guilt and expectation only gets you so far.. it creates resentment, negative energy, and further stress!! Something I work hard to remove with my clients!! Not good at all.

The one instance where this does apply positively is when I see people because “their doctor sent them.” And in that case, it’s all hands on deck, and you know where you need to be.

If you are unwell, unhappy, unfit and fed up, if you do not love yourself, and are not taking care of yourself, if you are SICK of a bad habit, have an eating disorder or food or drug addiction that must be addressed, PLEASE take this weekend to invest some time in YOU. Find out Why you want to make changes. Sit quietly. Ask the question.. Your inner voice will respond with truth. Be prepared! It can be scary when you get down to the brutal honesty… But I promise, when you Find Your Why, it will get you through the toughest times.. because it will have come from your heart, your genuine desire for happiness through health, happiness through change.

Next, the choice of what path. This takes action, and where the work happens! For example if you need to change your diet, and everyone in the office is pressuring you to join their “500 a day calorie pixie-stick cleanse”, you DO NOT have to go along with them! You also don’t need to take a hard right and become Vegan, give up every piece of fruit, or omit gluten if you aren’t interested! You don’t have to jump right into group therapy if you’re drawn more to talking to someone one-on-one to get help, & you don’t have to take a hardcore spin class if you would really like to try Bikram Yoga first!! Keep an open mind for sure, of course!!

My point is, there are options, options you choose. We can do the work!!! Take the time to find out what you want to change, not just what people “think” you should. This is YOUR LIFE. One shot. Let’s GO!!!!!