Some people might not like what I’m going to say. But deep down, you know the truth. Yesterday, I wanted you to take  a stress assessment~ Were you doing too much and suffering severe consequences. Today, I want you to look at weather you have challenged yourself ENOUGH. Have you only dropped soda from your not-so-great diet & expecting to loose 4 dress sizes by February? Have you joined a gym, but only go for a half-hearted half-hour, while expecting abs to show up any moment? Is your goal too vague?
       Now, before I get a word further, I need to say how firmly I believe in taking ANY steps towards your goal! No matter how small! All great things are made of a thousand small decisions, made one step at a time!! And I know that just making it into the gym once, for the first time, can be the hardest, most naked feeling people will ever go through. So if you think I’m just a cold trainer barking orders to WORK, back the */*/* up. What I am talking about is knowing you are capable of more, and ignoring it.
        What you put in has everything to do with what you get out of it!!! Expectation vs. reality. Are you really trying? Effort is subjective, and can rarely be measured. You can definitely measure results, which can only come from consistent, honest effort.
       Perhaps it is because you are just bored, feeling obligated and uninspired. Maybe it would help to step out of your comfort zone, trying something new to expand your world. If you don’t need new, maybe a fresh angle with your current process will help light your fire A fitness professional can help you brainstorm, and even introduce you to the next step. All you have to do is ask the tough questions, admit that your heels are dragging, & reach out!! This could be with more than just fitness. I believe in the importance of the creative spark for the spirit. You are meant for MORE!!! It’s a new week! Remember! This IS supposed to be fun!