I just had a moment of clarity., and realized what the phrase “Taking it to The Wall” means. I’ve heard it said in slang over the years, & thought nothing of it. But it really refers to the gym.. it means taking your training all the way. It means stepping up to the front line, and putting your toes at the edge. It means pushing your training, your body, and your mind through all the limits that tell you to stop. It can’t be easily explained, but if you’ve been there, you know “The Wall”. It breaks a lot of people down, to the point they give up on their goals. It is made of fear and pain, of doubt and weakness, physical &mental exhaustion. But if you can step through it.. step through it daily.. The Wall builds something that can only be achieved by FACING that fear and pain.. willingly… willing to sacrifice yourself to the torture for the love of what you do, your sport, your body, your health. Yes, the pain is your friend It is your biggest supporter.
So if you’re reading this, I invite you today, in your workout, to Take it to The Wall. I’ll be there waiting
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