We just got a peak at the poster for the 2016 INBA PNBA Natural Olympia, and Angela Yeo is featured up there on the top row of athletes. Over the past 3 years of competing, Angela has been featured on several posters for various events in various organizations. It is always an honour and inspiration to be featured on these posters. But one thing is definitely true. I know that every year, the Natural Olympia poster has been put up on the wall of our home gym. That poster has meant so much, it represents dreams, goals, achievements. The athletes on the poster represent the best of the best, and Ankhjii has always put everything into arriving on the Natural Olympia stage at her absolute best with the dream of one day joining the ranks of athletes who have earned a spot on that poster. So I am so happy and proud to post up this poster and be able to say that she did it, after several years of bringing her best to that Olympia stage, she won, and she earned a spot on the poster that has been so much a part of her motivation for these past few years!