I can’t believe The Arnold Sports Festival and Fitness Expo is coming up so fast! This will be my 2nd year, and I have a better idea of what I’m doing and how genuinely huge it is! I’ll be sharing the experience with my husband, & I have a lot to thank him for with helping me plan this trip! Oooo I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

As much as I’ve trained lately I’m definitely kicking myself for not getting more training in, & feeling like I haven’t gotten enough done pre-event. With being there among my fitness tribe, the female competitors I look up to and role models at every turn, I want to look as good as I can! It’s quite a bit of motivation! Just somehow it didn’t fully sink in kick in until this week… I’ve been training well before that of course but it’s kinda late to make any real noticeable changes I can’t explain why I didn’t snap-to earlier or what I was thinking. All I can do now is stay focused on keeping a tight schedule, get in lots of cardio, lift heavy, drop all the treats & booze, drink lots of water and make sure what I eat is super clean! All good things and valuable to my goals weather I pack on 10 more pounds of muscle or not! I hope I’m not too hard on myself later…!

This will be my sophomore year at the Expo, and I just can’t wait! I’ll be in shape, re-pink my hair, nails, lashes, some tanning, special outfit, the whole deal! A lot of people wear jeans and tennies, but there’s also a LOT of beautiful bodies gracing the floor~ some are beefcake muscle guys, some are Expo girls that run the kiosk for a brand/company, some are competitors, performers, some are just fitness fans like myself. To me it’s a very special event that I’m so proud to be part of! Not to mention you really don’t know WHO you’re going to meet, and with so many photos to take it just makes sense to get dolled up!

This year I need to be a little more prepared to meet some of the faces I’ve only ever seen in magazines and the internet; last year I saw people I was very impressed to meet, but was so star struck I could barely ask to take pictures! This year I’ll have prepare a few questions; general but important ones that I can help with my own fitness path. I’ll definitely want to put some thought into these…..