We’ve heard from several people that they would like to attend the Arnold this year in order to see Angela compete. I wanted to try to get the times out there nice and early in case anyone was making plans. With regards to the events that go on at The Arnold, some of the times may not be the most convenient. From the standpoint of the overall event, it makes sense. The sheer number of athletes and events that go on, amateur events, preliminary rounds, etc. are not the priority. If you haven’t ever been to The Arnold, you have no idea of what type of spectacle this is!

Anyway, here is what we know right now.

The Arnold Amateur Ladies Day is on Thursday, March 1st.

The competition kicks off at noon, and Women’s Physique is currently scheduled to go first, right at noon for pre-judging. The event is at the Battelle Grand ballroom which is the big stage in the expo center that all the night shows happen on, pretty cool! Tickets are general admission and cost $25 through Ticketmaster or on site (I think).

The tickets will let you in to see:

  • Amateur Women’s Physique
  • Masters Bodyfitness (Figure)
  • Masters Bikini
  • Fitness Routine Round
  • Open Figure
  • Open Bikini
  • Fitness Physique Round
  • Masters Figure Awards
  • Masters Bikini Awards

If she makes it into finals, that takes place the next day, on Friday, March 2nd. That takes place on the main Expo stage inside the convention. The competition kicks off at 2:30pm, with Women’s Physique being the second event after Men’s Physique. So your expo ticket will get you in to see that! The expo runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so there is no expo on Thursday. Expo tickets are available on site or through Ticketmaster here.

The Expo is generally packed and it is very hard to get near the stage so you may have to fight your way up there pretty early. There aren’t many chairs and almost none become available, people camp.

Let me wrap up with the straight up facts.


  • Event: WPD Prejudging
  • Time: 12:00 noon
  • Date: Thursday, March 1
  • Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center, Battelle Grand Ballroom
  • Cost: $25 General Admission


  • Event: WPD Finals and Awards
  • Time: 2:30 pm
  • Date: Friday, March 2
  • Location: Greater Columbus Convention Center Main Expo Halls
  • Cost: $15 (in advance)

If you have any questions, check out the Arnold Amateur website, leave a comment, or holler at me or Ankhjii. We’ll try to get your answer!