The INBA/PNBA is attacking America, one state at a time! They kept getting closer and closer to us, but this time they finally hit Ohio! This is the organization that started Angela Yeo’s path as a professional athlete. Now it’s your opportunity. The Battle of Ohio is happening May 7th down near Columbus in Lewis Center. For anyone local who is looking to take that next step, this is a pretty big opportunity.

This is pretty much exactly 3 months out. I’ve seen plenty of contest preps and if you have been staying in decent shape in the off season, or have never competed but are in good shape, 12 weeks is a good length for a contest prep. I know there are people around town getting ready to hit the stage at Ryan Rollison’s NGA Glass Scepter the following week on May 14th. If you are already prepping for the stage, I bet you can come in good a week earlier. It may be difficult to peek twice back to back, but with careful planning you can pull it off. Getting that stage experience twice is pretty incredible and would be excellent practice. Every time you hit that stage and get some feedback, you get to fine tune what you are bringing to the stage. Two high caliber natty events back to back can really propel you!

These are 2 significant events going down in Ohio in the natural bodybuilding world. If you are considering competing or looking for your next big event, I would definitely consider one, or both of the shows I mentioned. If you want more details on either event, hit me up in the comments section and I’ll spill my guts!