Well, we are getting ready to kick off the 2015 competition season, so I figured I’d hijack Ankhii’s website for a moment to make a post. Last year was a great year, we enjoyed the season, the travel, the people, everything about it. Competition season is an exciting and challenging time. The North American Naturals will be a new event for us, but it’s in a familiar town! We’re excited to get back to the Chicago area to see our INBA family, and also our closest friends. That’s one of the main reasons we enjoy any competition in Chicago!

Just over a year ago, we were at the Sparta! I’m going to drop a few pictures into this post as reference – as much for me as anyone. Once the dust has settled from this coming weekend, I want to be able to compare pictures and see how far Ankhjii has come. The NAN is a pretty big show for us, not only does it start the year off, but my lady has some surprises in store. I’m not going to give away any more info, we’ll just let it all unfold on stage. Here’s those pictures from a year ago and let’s see what a year of hard work can bring! I know I’m excited for this all to unfold!