How a really great workout feels is what I imagine it would be like to drive a very fast, very expansive sports car… You’re excited.. You get in, feel it out, take a couple turns, then you hit the gas~ * it’s thrilling! You’re like a living explosion full of energy, and you’re in control of this beautiful machine… totally alive and in love. You never want it to end because it’s the most fun you’ve had in what seems like forever and you can feel it’s medicine on your soul. You’ve hit your peak &the clarity is intoxicating. There’s no crash, just a gentle release of the intensity… the sense of accomplishment in itself is a beautiful feeling of reward and pride. It’s a feeling I think every athlete strives for.. It doesn’t happen every workout, but when it does you’re hitting your personal bests, lifting a new max weight, completing more reps or going farther than you ever have before.

Personally, I know I need this feeling. There is no life in me when I’m not training.. I become very depressed and feel disconnected with the thing I love and severely incomplete. Back when I got my job last September there was about a month (or two?) where I was exhausted &my workouts slid down drastically.. I was very upset by it, my mental health suffered &it became clear that living without it was something I could just not do. I have found my passion. Now, I don’t know if I’m cut out to compete.. but it FEELS RIGHT & I hope that by doing these things that FEEL right, that they’ll take me to the right PLACES in my life.. somewhere I belong, & living fully and with a sense of peace in my being. I know this is something I am meant to explore.

Ultimately, the dream is to make a good living at this, practicing my craft.. something exercise/fitness/nutrition/health/human body related.. to get on that path requires some decisions here in the near future. Must keep learning, evolving, becoming better at and knowing more about these things that have become my life’s focus. I’m both excited &very nervous about what that may have in store..

For today I will enjoy my journey & remind myself it’s all about having fun & being healthy. #TrainForToday #ForTheLoveOfIt!