Tonight I’m heading out to use my Gold Card at GNC, my to-to for supplements and information, to pick up some much needed Glutamine. It helps support/preserve lean muscle mass, cell recovery &new cell growth. Should have been taking this with my other supps a long time ago.. I need all the help I can in my workout recovery and I’m hoping this will give me the boost my body is craving! I have no time for feeling exhausted!! And honestly, I don’t want to waste a shred (pun intended of all this hard work! If you’re wondering more about what this supplement is, read on for more complete information!
Also, tonight I’ll be hitting the 2 shops in town I know of that sell clear heels, the classy diamonds on my feet during the competition. I don’t want to order them from “”, I need to know how they fit/feel on my feet and walk in them ASAP. I’m kind of late in this project, I should be practicing in them like last week! So I hope tonight’s the night I find the perfect slippers Fingers crossed that they’re not sold out!!