It’s coming up quick! Three months from today, on June 14th, is the Spartan Natural Classic & Pro Figure Women of Sparta. One of the few INBA/PNBA competitions within driving distance for those of you in the Toledo area. It’s in DeWitt Iowa. There are only a few shows nearby, a couple in Chicago and this one. It’s your chance to compete with some elite natural competitors. It’s a 6 hour drive, but is that so much in the grand scheme of things? This could be your big event, your launching point that gets you hooked! Three months is a good amount of time for all you athletes to dial in your stage presence. And Ankhjii and I will be there so you won’t have to go it alone! If you are interested at all, feel free to contact us or leave a comment here.

I know Ankhjii has got her new diet and workout plan in place, she started ramping up to it today. It’s time to dial it in, get it tight, practice your posing, and get ready for that stage!