It’s the beginning of a new year and there’s a lot of planning going on right now. For a good many of our readers, that means planning out your next competition season! One key element to figure out with that, is your posing suit! This past season was the first time Angela had a 100% custom, made for her suit and let me tell you, the experience is worth it. Whether you are going to get a full on custom suit, maybe purchase your first posing suit, or even rent a suit so you can step on stage in something that might otherwise be outside of your price range, I recommend you check out Vandella Costumes. Whether you’re male or female; physique, bodybuilding, figure, bikini, etc. No matter what kind of suit you need, Kira at Vandella can set you up! She has got 20 years in the business now and it shows with these amazing suits.

As luck would have it, she’s also running a sale right now and suit orders will be getting 20% off. It’s in your best interest to get your suit ordered early anyway, so buy early and save money. Check out the links at the top of the Vandella page to find all the info you need about buying, renting, measuring, cleaning, etc. You can get all the info you need before you make your purchase.

You can also link up with Vandella Costumes on Facebook at this link. And that’s the best bet for finding the most up to date information and pics of used suits you can buy/rent. For instance in one of her most recent posts you would find that Angela Yeo’s suit from the 2015 season is available for purchase. The one that was worn earning a Physique Pro Card and becoming a world champion…. twice! I think that suit must have some good vibes in it! Here’s a few pics of the suit in action!