Tip of the day! This one is about your supplementation~      It doesn’t matter what you bought, where you bought them, how high quality you think they are, or how much you spent on them- the quickest way to cheat yourself out of the benefits of these supplements is not taking them at the right times, missing doses or using them improperly. Don’t waste your time and money on them if you can’t stick to… the schedule, and then wonder why you’re not seeing results.      Think of them like your prescribed medicines! Take with food, without food, between meals, morning, bedtime, pre workout, etc.. they all come with directions.       If you’re new to workout supplementation, it’s wise to not start everything all at once, and not in max doses especially!      Like changing up your diet, things take time to get into your system- patience and consistency will be rewarded. None of these pills, powders, liquids, gels, or elixirs are magic, but start with the tried and true staples, find brands you like and branch out from there.