In an attempt to better target and serve personal training clients in the Toledo area, we’ve launched Toledo Personal Training. The website is awesome, we love using it, and will continue to post things here all the time. But the site has a lot of information about health, fitness, competing, and various media. That is all very useful, but might be confusing for someone looking for information specific to training. So Toledo Personal Training is the new, one page landing spot for people looking for information about training with Angela Yeo.

The site offers up information about the trainer, the location (Total Nutrition), and programs offered. The site also has testimonials from satisfied clients as well as the most recent posts from this site that a client might find useful. Finally, there are forms to contact Angela to request info about training, and a newsletter signup form to get yourself copies of our soon to launch email newsletter.

We hope you’ll check the site out and pass the link along to your friends ( if you think they might be interested in hiring a personal trainer in Toledo!