Get your TN hoodies while they are in for $30 and phenomenal tasting 2lb whey protein for $22 in vanilla cake batter, Choc fudge brownie, & cookies & cream. The weather is cold and the hoodies will keep you warm! You can talk to any of the employees about the supplement options and find out how to best support your goals! Just yesterday we mentioned how to avoid wasting your money on supplements. At Total Nutrition you can talk to someone face to face who will understand your goals and ponit you in the right direction!

And while you are heading out to Total Nutrition, why not stick around for one of the workouts they run daily? Better yet, why not hire a personal trainer? You can try out one session, or save money by buying a package deal – it’s not just about the savings, when you throw your cash down on that package, you are making a commitment. You are far more likely to stick to it if you make it a commitment and part of your routine!

Check out Total Nutrition in Toledo at 5455 Airport Highway, in the Lowe’s plaza right next to Chuck’E’Cheese. You can also contact Ankhjii directly for more details!